Monday, February 7, 2011

Chimpanzee Ads during the Superbowl

My compassionate Super Bowl Party hosts knew that the CareerBuilder advertisement that featured actual chimpanzee youngsters would distress me, so they fast-forwarded through the ad. But I am not an ostrich. I know that even though I didn't see the ad that it exists means there will be more chimpanzees exploited in the entertainment industry and then discarded when they are no longer willing or able to perform.

The four chimpanzees used in the original CareerBuilder Super Bowl commercial -- Kodua, Mowgli, Bella, and Ellie -- are now living at a wonderful sanctuary in Florida called the Center for Great Apes. They spend their days playing with other chimpanzees, they have lots of enrichment, and terrific human care. But providing for captive chimpanzees is expensive and, more importantly, breeding more chimpanzees to spend their lives in captivity cannot be justified, particularly for inane advertisements.

To read more go here. And here.

Advertising Age has an editorial against using chimpanzees.

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